Baby Firefly (babyxfirefly) wrote in mydownfallfans,
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sept 13th - soundwaves

who's all going to the soundwaves show? it's on a saturday, which is so convenient.. because then i dont have to do anything to my work schedule. so i'll be there, with mare, and probably gina. and hopefully jaymie if she can come down.
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I'm workin on it I'm workin on it. I've got the money.. I'm considering maybe a bus to Jersey. Think that would work?
that'd prob work yeah.
idk. we'll work something out. somehow.
i wanna come too guys!! i don't think it's gonna happen though cuz i don't have rides.. :o(
I won't be there either, turns out. :[

We'll make another show Ash.
we so will... and then it will be a show, cuz a show ain't a show without us! hehe
Damn straight!
seriously though, what's a show without jay and ash?? haha [does that make me sound conceited??]
Nope, you're just telling the truth. No harm there :]